Professional Genealogical Research

My Philosophy

I take great interest in every family I research. I will give you the best information I can pack into the research hours you have chosen.

Quality Sources

I search for the most reliable sources -- those documents that were created at the time of the event with information provided by eye witnesses. If those sources are not available, I will search for acceptable alternatives. I never assume information is correct without reliable sources to back it up.

Client Focused

Give me a research question to answer. Choose the amount of time you would like me to use researching that answer. You will be in control of the direction your project takes.

I use the Genealogical Proof Standard

  1. Reasonably exhaustive research has been conducted.
  2. Each statement of fact has a complete and accurate source citation.
  3. The evidence is reliable and has been skillfully correlated and interpreted.
  4. Any contradictory evidence has been resolved.
  5. The conclusion has been soundly reasoned and coherently written.

Any proof statement is subject to re-evaluation when new evidence arises.

Board for Certification of Genealogists, Genealogical Standards, 50th Anniversary Edition (Nashville & New York: Ancestry Imprint, Turner Publishing, 2014), 1-3, and Thomas W. Jones, Mastering Genealogical Proof (Arlington, Va.: National Genealogical Society, 2013).

How and When

New client projects are my first priority. I will work on your project as soon as possible after you place the order. Once I have fulfilled your original request, your continuing orders, along with those of other clients, will be placed on my calendar in the order they were received.  All research results will be emailed to you in PDF format and web links unless otherwise requested.

Planning a family history trip?

I can help!

Travel to the home address of your ancestors. Find the church where they were baptized or married. Walk through the cemetery where they were buried.

Display a colored fan chart of your genealogy!